2017/2018 Winter Bucket List

I’ve almost cultivated an amazing friend’s list on Facebook where I actually only see people excited about winter. But there are still a few posts complaining about the cold or the snow. You can’t really fight winter so I’d rather make the most of it.

I combat the Winter Blues the only way I successfully know how with a Winter Bucket List. So without further ado, I present to you the 2018 Winter Bucket List.

It captures things I’ve yet to tackle in my life like Ice Climbing and a few things that I love and want to ensure I schedule in like snowboarding. And then some good old tried and true activities that I love.

We’re already booked in to go winter camping with new friends we met this past year in January and then off to Mt Tremblant over Family Day long weekend to try our hand at Ice Climbing with a 3-hour excursion that they offer there. So now we just have to go off and buy a toboggan or crazy carpets and hit up a local hill and then schedule in time on the ski slopes & snowshoeing 🙂 I’m sure the snowman will happen with just the right snowfall over our long winter.

We decorated for Christmas this year with new holiday lights on the house, lights out by our big tree out front and a new reindeer that brightens up the front yard. I’m excited to use the fireplace more this winter and make all the hot cocoa I possibly can on a nightly basis when I’m cold. Thankfully I found an amazing blend by Four Sigma with 6 powerful ingredients.

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