2018 Ride to Conquer Cancer

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank those that generously donated to the fundraising event I participated in this past weekend!

This was my second year tackling the Ride to Conquer Cancer and my first year completing the entire ride course! Last year due to the heat my body wasn’t doing well after day one so I was dropped off at the lunch spot on day 2 and only completed half of day 2. This year I tackled the full 106 kms on day 1 and 116 kms on day 2!

This year the ride raised $18.3 Million for Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto

We ride with the Detour Gold team. Mike’s mom used to ride for the company and have been supporting the ride for 8 years! This is Mike’s 8th year riding and he has a goal of raising $1M for PMH. We’re so close and believe we can do it next year!

This year we raised $141K which is an amazing feat and I’m really proud to ride with these guys. Last year was a complete blur and I remember meeting a few of the riders along the way and at a dinner, the company hosts for us on Saturday night but this year it was nice to remember a few faces and chat here and there along the ride or at pit stops. 2 of our riders are cancer survivors and haven’t been very open about talking about it. They had a chance at dinner and there was definitely tears in everyone’s eyes talking about what it means to them to do the ride and I’m blessed to see how they are tackling this disease.

If you’re curious about doing the ride it’s an amazing event. From amazing pit stops, with hydration stations, ample snacks and food, medical tents and bike techs along the way, it’s so well executed!

The only frustrating thing that happens is bottlenecks along the way. From leaving Toronto on Day 1, to leaving Hamilton on Day 2. But if you stop and get off your bike you can have a genuine conversation with a human beside you. You’ll have lots of time on your bike. Don’t worry!

Mike and I rode Day 2 together which made me super happy. Him not so much. Only because he got jammed up in the bottleneck and a rider hit his Achilles from behind. So he was in a lot of pain for the entire ride. His parents were waiting for us in the sun and snapped a shot as we funneled through the finish line just as we were dismounting!

Have you done a long fundraising ride like this before?

Curious to tackle one next year?

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