2018 / 2019 Winter Bucket List

The first snow has fallen and I’m prepared with a Winter Bucket List for the remainder of 2018 and into 2019! 

Nobody really loves winter. Unless you’re a husky or a polar bear. So to make the most of it, my tradition of creating a Winter Bucket List continues! 

Here are links to Winter Bucket Lists of the past




Winter Bucket List

We already have plans in January or March (depending on how the winter is – we need a frozen lake) to go up to our friends cottage. We’re going to knock off ice fishing, snowmobiling and build a quincie in that weekend so that’ll give us a great start. I’m sure we’ll manage a few others but I love having a plan set up even before I posted the list to the blog. 

I’ve been searching for unique AirBnBs in the Ottawa area or within a 1 – 2 drive of the city to find a really unique cabin for Mike and I and then we’ll also get in Winter Camping as well cause that’s been our thing since the begining. 

Winter Campfire

Will you make a Winter Bucket List this year?

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