2017 / 2018 Winter Bucket List

Who’s excited for Winter?! This GIRL!

For the past few years I’ve made a Winter Bucket List for the simple reason of making the most of our Canadian Winters. Now that I’m back in Ottawa (with harder winters than Toronto, we usually have more snow and colder temperatures) I knew I had to get ready for a potential doozy of a winter. Cue, Winter Bucket List for fun and adventure!

I’ve thankfully already gotten a head start on crossing off things on the list. Over the Christmas Holidays, my family & Mike’s went up to Deerhurst.  We had a family Sleigh Ride, a snowball fight was had and Mike, my brother and I went snowshoeing!

I’ve had dog sledding and ice climbing on the list for so many years so I was proactive and booked dog sledding with Escapade Eskimo for mid January, signed up for the Dion Ignite the Night snowshoe race on January 21st and booked a Yurt in Quebec off of airbnb for the end of the month.

Now I need to find an ice climbing company and book that for February, as well as ice fishing so that it doesn’t slip out of my sights this winter. I think the only other difficult bucket list item will be finding enough free time to go Snowboarding as well as finding a friend in Ottawa who is will to go with my slow self!

Happy Winter!

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