2017 Winter Bucket List Update

A winter bucket list update in April? Since I forgot to do an end of winter recap of all my adventures last year I tried to remember this year. I guess better late than never!

I’m loving the winter activities we did this year. I made the list before we started our home renovation which started mid January and is still going on so some things we weren’t able to do as many items are packed away somewhere in our basement and we didn’t have access to our fireplace.

But enough about what we didn’t do! What about the things we did do!?

I was really happy to get dog sledding checked off the list this year as it’s been on my list for a while.

Finding a yurt for a weekend camping adventure was also soooo cool

Our families went up to Deerhurst for the holidays so we were able to knock off snowshoeing, a sleigh ride and an epic snowball fight between Mike and his sister and I ganging up on him. Unfortunately, no pictures were taken of me nailing Mike in the back with a snowball when he bent over and it hit skin. I definitely ran for my life and didn’t attempt to capture the moment.

Last but not least, I had such a great time skating on the Lac-des-Loups Skating Trail. This was definitely a cool experience even though I live in the city with the Rideau Canal.

At the top of my list, next year is to find a guided tour where we can try ice climbing without having to buy the boots ourselves as they can run from $400 – $1000. There has to be a guide nearby with the gear, I just need to search harder next year.

Bye Winter of 2017 and Hello Spring!

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