2017 Summer Bucket List

Another summer is here! Which means another Summer Bucket List!

If you want to see what’s made the list in the past here are the previous year’s lists:

2016, 20152014 and 2013

So without further ado! I simply present to you the Summer Bucket List of 2017!

There are some old favourites on the list and some new items I want to conquer. I still haven’t managed to figure out when to go Kite Boarding so I need to put pen to paper and get that organized. Because Mike and my schedules are crazy, I also need to sit him down and figure out if we can even attempt a Canoe Trip this year let alone maybe a weekend camping trip. We still haven’t figured out how to Canoe Trip with our two pups. Other new adventures include training for a Trail Half Marathon, going to the

Other new adventures that I’m tackling include training for a Trail Half Marathon, going to the inaugural Camp Yoga NY and experiencing Emerge Festival outside of Ottawa for it’s first year! I also asked my FB peeps to chime in with what they thought I should add and got horseback riding and hot air balloon ride into the mix.

What’s on your bucket list?

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