2017 Holiday Wish List

November rolls around and my loved ones usually start asking me what’s on my 2017 Holiday Wish List. I actually struggled because I’m really drawn to minimizing where we can in our homw and not drawn to physical gifts this year.

So there are 2 things that I’ve wanted for a bit but haven’t invested in yet so those are at the top, but this year’s holiday wish list is mostly things that Mike can make me in the woodshop.

Bike Trainer

I had put a Bike Trainer on the list a few years ago and still haven’t purchased one so I’ll throw it back on the list so I can get some cardio at home.

I also want to hop on the Instant Pot game!

I’ve seen amazing recipes shared by peeps on the social media’s so I’m excited to use this vs. a crock pot.

And after searching through Pinterest for woodworking projects I came up with this list of items I’ve asked Mike if he could make so he can choose one as my gift. I absolutely love his passion for woodworking and love handmade gifts so this is perfect for me this year. Our garage has been completely transformed into a shop so I might as well put him to work 🙂

Bath Tray

The other day I just grabbed a wooden board out of the garage to use as a tray so maybe something more formal and that actually fits on my tub!

Serving Tray 

Because let’s be serious I’d like more breakfast’s in bed!


Essential Oil Wall Shelf

Because you can never have too many storage options for your essential oils 🙂

And last but not least I can’t have a diffuser in my new office, as it’s open concept so I would love to bring a Salt Lamp in…

Here a Pinterest Board for all my 2017 Holiday Wishlist items?

Do you create one to send to your friends & family when they ask?

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