2016 Summer Bucket List

Happy June 1st!

It seems like summer has come very early to Canada. Last weekend’s temperatures hit the mid-30s, sweat dripped down my back and my legs stuck to my leather seats in the car. With that lovely picture in your head, I hereby announce my 2016 Summer Bucket List for fun, firsts & adventure!

2016 Summer Bucket List

I discovered an amazing company in Toronto at the Outdoor Adventure Show this year called Xcite Life so I’ll be partnering with them this summer to learn how to finally Kite Board! It’s been on my list for a few years now so I’m making the effort to prioritize it now.

If I can get the puppies Havoc & Rogue to not dig up any more seeds in my veggie garden that goal should be well underway in a few weeks. I see a couple of seedlings taking sprout where the dogs spared the garden.

I just finished organizing my weekend adventure riding in the MS Bike for the first time this year. My boyfriend’s mother offered to ride with me as Mike will have to work that weekend. I booked us a quaint hotel room in Prince Edward County and we’ll tackle the 40 or 70 km route together on Sunday, July 11.

After an epic canoe trip in 2013 with friends, I’m excited to adventure back into Algonquin Park with Mike and our fur babies. First up is renting a canoe at Dow’s Lake in Ottawa and seeing if the dogs are boat lovers. We’re really hoping we can bring them with us on the trip. We might have to buy them lifejackets so they can swim alongside as I have a sneaky suspicion they won’t be able to sit still in a boat 🙂

SeaWheeze in BC this year will actually be paired with surfing in Tofino so that trip is going to be extra epic and I’m definitely excited for August.

What’s on your summer bucket list?

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