2015 Toronto Yoga Show Finds

I love going to the Yoga Show. It’s a chance to check out new products being offered, connect with vendors I’ve met before, see some familiar faces and try out free classes in the Yoga Garden area. I had planned on attending Sunday but after running an obstacle course race on Saturday at Alpha (race recap to come) and then a 9km trail run on Sunday in Ancaster I was way too exhausted to go Sunday afternoon. I powered through my exhaustion after the race on Saturday and decided to just go to walk around the show and skip the free classes.

Here are my new favourite products that I decided to try.

I love hummus. I haven’t been eating much of it lately but I definitely wanted to try a flavour I may have not tried before by Sunflower Kitchen. I sampled the Jerusalem Hummus which contains parsley and loved it so I grabbed a container from Essence of Life during my Sunday afternoon grocery shop. I also loved sampling Nomz Energy Bites a Toronto-based snack company. I really liked the coconut balls so I also grabbed a container of these at Essence of LIfe during my Sunday shop. The container has 6 balls within it and 3 may have disappeared during the drive home. I was a tad hungry after running trails for an hour earlier that morning.

Hummus & Nomz

I jumped on the WheatGrass bandwagon while at the show as I’ve never really tried it before. I had the opportunity to grab a box of Evergreen Wheatgrass Juice (also at Essence of Life) as they weren’t selling it at the show. It requires freezing so I can understand why they weren’t selling it on site. Wheatgrass contains a lot of nutrients. It contains VItamin A, C, E, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Amino Acids & Chlorophyll according to WebMD. What I like about this company is that the grass is grown outdoors for 60 days, the seeds are non-GMO and have certified organic farm practices. The juice is cold-pressed and then flash-frozen to ensure freshness. This morning I defrosted one package in warm water before adding it to my green smoothie mix.


My favourite booth of the show was Village Juicery. Although their juices are slightly overpriced vs others in the Toronto market they have great brand-building skills. They invited people into their booth by asking them to fill out an intention for the day on a piece of paper and add it to an empty bottle. This brought people physically into the booth and then it allowed them to seamlessly transition to looking at the juice in the fridge. I wrote that I will not get frustrated with my body when I deal with MS symptoms. My trail run on Sunday went so well and I stayed happy despite being in pain near the end.

Intention Bottle Wall
Village Juicery

When I arrived at the David Wolfe Foods booth I saw the words Chaga (which I’m familiar with) and Reishi products on display. I felt like the girl expected me to know who David Wolfe was as we started chatting. As much as I’m a hippie in many ways I was not familiar with him until I looked him up.  I’ve been making Chaga tea in my crock pot for a few months now by another brand so I’m thinking of picking up this brand once I’m done with mine to try it out.

Mushroom Products

Last but not least I dropped by the Matcha Ninja booth. I’ve bought repeatedly from them since finding them at the show last year. Below is an interesting set of facts that they had at their booth. I just love that I can have a green tea in the afternoon at work that’s so high in antioxidants. It’s been a great routine for me recently and I love this brand.

Matcha Tea

Have you tried any of these brands?

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