2015 Summer Bucket List Achievements

My goal of living the heck out of my summers has definitely been achieved the past few years. And this summer was definitely epic for me! I repeated a bunch of things that I’ve tried before and loved and got some amazing adrenaline, heart-pumping adventures in as well.

Summer Bucket List Cross Off

The list definitely evolved as I went. Here’s a reminder of how I started in the Spring…

Summer Bucket List

If you missed it, here are some of my adventures captured on the blog: bungee jumping, sky diving, zip lining, night SUP, wake surfing, and outdoor rock climbing!

I gave up on planting a balcony garden because although I really loved doing it last year, I only managed to sit on my balcony maybe one or two times this summer. I was barely home exploring the big, wide world of ours so I decided it wasn’t fair to plants to leave them alone on the balcony all by their lonesome.

Since I was able to jam pack my weekends basically to the max and because I spent the majority of my summer weekends at races I didn’t have a full weekend to take off to Sauble Beach and learn how to kiteboard. I think I’ll have to add this to my winter bucket list and learn somewhere warm this Winter instead.

And last but not least I was going to try and cross off rock climbing & caving in one trip but my guide injured himself the day before and we ended up shifting our outing from Metcalfe Rock where you can also cave to just Rattlesnake Point where I only learned to climb. I did caving last year so I wasn’t too upset about missing out this summer.

Finally, I love how my list expanded as the months flew by. I loved being able to add a picnic in the 1000 Islands, I learned how to sail one day with a co-worker, I went to Scandinave Spa at the beginning of the summer after a race in Tremblant, I got tickets to the Lady A concert and one of my friends almost took me turkey hunting so I learned how to shoot! Summer 2015 you’ve been good to me!

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