2014 Summer Bucket List

I love making bucket lists. So here is the 2014 summer bucket list and what I was able to accomplish.

This is a happiness tactic I use to make sure I live. I’m a type A so we know I love some list-making. I have been getting comments recently that it’s a tad morbid to call them bucket lists. Ok sure… bucket lists are things you make so you do epic things before you kick the bucket. But it’s the same for seasons. I want to make sure I make the most of a season before it kicks the bucket and so that is how my love for summer bucket lists was created. I made one for last winter too which is another story together.

So here’s where it started back in May. I completed my Balcony Garden first! I had it complete all before the long weekend! I was so proud. In the image below I put activities on the left and races on the right.


I finally got to go to a drive-in movie theatre, not only for the first time this summer but for the first time in my life! My boyfriend and I watched the new Tom Cruise Edge of Tomorrow movie down at the Docks Drive-In on Polson Pier in Toronto.


We also went to Roncy Rocks which is a street festival in Roncesvalles and watched Treble Charger perform. This wasn’t even on the original bucket list but got added anyway!


So far I’ve done a road trip to Ottawa in a Camaro convertible, golfed at Wooden Sticks for a couple’s night, went to the drive in, created a balcony garden, went for a picnic in High Park and attended Roncy Rocks which counts as a street festival.


Last but not least my boyfriend and I went to the American Authors, The Script, and One Republic concert at the Molson Amphitheater. It was an epic night!


What’s on your summer bucket list?

Update! Here’s how the Summer of 2014 actually went…


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