13 Goals for 2013

1. Advertising Career: Work towards a promotion within the year at my agency. Once a month I want to make sure I’m educating myself in terms of management techniques whether it’s through reading (see my reading goal and some of the business books I’ve chosen) or taking a course or going to see a speaker. I want to really focus on this area of growth in my career.

Alpha Female
First Article I Wrote About Being An Alpha Female

2. Health: Keep and maintain my top 3 priorities to ensure I maintain a low cortisol hormone level. I know that if I get proper water hydration, eat at least 5 meals a day and get 8 hours of sleep a night then I’m golden. Through proper supplementation, exercise and a health action plan I can keep the stress hormone low!

Health Basics

3. Fitness: Lift weights 5x a week, Run 2x a week, Spin Class at least once a week and Hot Yoga at least once a week

Fitness Basics

4. Fitness Competitions: After taking 2012 off of fitness competitions I’m excited to return to the stage with the help of my amazing sponsors Magnum Nutraceuticals. I plan to compete in the OPA Coburg show on April 20th and the SAF Summer Spectacular on June 22nd.

Robyn Baldwin Fitness Competition

5. Fitness Modelling: I’ve had the pleasure of shooting with the one and only Paul Buceta for the Ms. Chin Bikini competition I did in 2009 and then when I attended the Monica Brant F.E.M camp in 2011. Below is a tearsheet from my experience and if you look at the bottom right corner it’s a shot of Paul, Monica and myself. My photo shoot goal for the year is to shoot with Paul Buceta again but for more than a few minutes! The goal is to book the shoot after I compete in June!

FEM Camp

6. Races: I’ve only ever planned one race a year as I’ve never really been a self proclaimed runner. After running the Warrior Dash in July 2012 I’m hooked on obstacle racing! The plan for 2013 is to run in the GoodLife 5K on May 5th, Tough Mudder on May 11th, Met Con Blue on June 15th & Warrior Dash on July 20th! I will not look so put together (see below) when being shocked by the live wires though.

Robyn Baldwin Running
Pink Elephant Photography

7. Fitness Talent: I have one very lofty goal that I have to keep confidential due to the nature of it. However, in terms of my fitness writing which I was proud of really establishing over the past few years I know that I want to publish at least 3 articles in health/fitness magazines next year.

Magazine Stack

8. Reading: I’m am attempting the 50 Book Challenge. The rules are simple. Read 50 books in one year. That’s about 1 book a week with a 2 week grace period. I posted the first 25 books on my blog. I’m going to for sure commit to 25 and hope the other 25 just come easily. I just don’t want reading to become a chore.

50 Book Challenge

9. On Air Experience: Eva Redpath and I have decided to put Mid Month Motivation videos on a permanent hold. I have uploaded my favourite videos from our time filming to my YouTube channel so you can still watch them here. I will be focusing more on my channel in 2013 by posting a weekly YouTube video.


10. Traveling: I’m off to Los Cabos at the end of February with my dear friend Eva Redpath and her BCBD girls. I cannot wait for the ladies only retreat. I also want to head to Costa Rica in the fall so I’m excited to plan that trip as well. It will be the kind of trip I’m not used to so I’m excited to move out of my traveling comfort zone in the fall.


11. Spiritual: Focus on 10 minutes of meditation and a morning daily devotional to set my intention for the day and spend time with God.


12. Financial: I’ve set a monthly savings plan for my RSP, TFSA and a vacation savings account. Last year I successfully paid off my credit card debt so now it’s time to invest properly.

Piggy Bank

13. Internal Purpose: After seeing my friend Chivon post this amazing blog post by Kris Carr I am going to learn to teach myself that I will never be perfect. I am going to embrace my imperfections and accept them as I am. I am going to embrace self compassion. I am also going to be proud of my ambition. Truly proud. I am going to understand that my ambition is good. That chasing my ambitions with integrity is good. However, my ambition should never take precedence over the good I already have in my life. In 2013, I will invite love into my life. I won’t look for it, I won’t chase it. I will just allow it to come in.


3 thoughts on “13 Goals for 2013

  1. I absolutely loved reading about your goals this year. I’m curious as to what the big ‘lofty’ goal is about, however I will ask you to elaborate another time. So many impressive goals: From the running, to the 50 book challenge, to the fitness challenges et cetera. You’re making me want to add more goals to my list! Lol.

    I’m wishing you the best success to 2013!


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