2012 Goals Lehgo!

So as a tradition (only started last year, but I plan on keeping it around for a while) I want to write my goals out here so I can hold myself accountable to them and have an online reminder of my dreams for 2012

1. Career: Continue with my 2011 goal of being less blunt and reading the Robert Greene books I mentioned in my previous post.

2. Fitness Modeling: I was blessed to have signed with Magnum Neutraceuticals in 2011. One of my goals this year is to maintain a top athlete status with them and grow our partnership. I am also shooting for more magazine publication goals.

3. Health & Fitness Goal: Continue with my 2011 goal of developing more defined abs!

4. Fitness Competitions: Place 1st of 2nd at the WBFF Quebec 2012 April Show!

5. Fitness Mentor Goal: I’ve written 3 Alpha Female Workouts. I just need to take pictures for them and put them in pdf format so they can start to be sold on my website. In 2012, I vow to find ways to package my knowledge in easy ways that other Alpha Females can use to better their health & fitness.

6. Writing Goal: Continue to help The Broken Heel Diaries succeed and soar.

7. Travel Goal: Plan, Save, Book our Honeymoon to Turks or Fiji. We can’t decide!

8. Spiritual Goal: Re-Read Letters from A Skeptic and re-look at my 2011 goal of incorporating prayer and daily devotional time.

9. Financial Goal: Evaluate my RSP & TFSA Investment and ensure I’m putting enough away.

10. Wedding, Love Goal: Plan, execute and enjoy my wedding in August of next year with minimal stress while strengthening my relationship with the love of my life.

Happy Goal Setting and Here’s To 2012!

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