2012 In Review – Celebrate

2012 In Review


After a bit of a somber post yesterday reflecting on the lessons learned in 2012, it’s time to celebrate the goals I set and achieved.

Fitness Writing: I had the pleasure of being published in Max Sport & Fitness this year as a writer and model for my own article. This was special to me as I expanded my horizons as a writer. I was published as a model several times in Best Health this year & in World Physique Magazine. I’ve posted them in my Portfolio but the article below was a new milestone for me as a writer.

Max Sports & Fitness

Obstacle Racing: I trained and completed the Warrior Dash with my friends Jess & Krysten in July. We even finished under an hour which we were so proud of! In October I tackled the famous O Course in Toronto and placed within the top 20 females that day. It was definitely harder than Warrior Dash and did a number on my body but made me feel so awesome knowing I had tackled and completed it!

Jess, Krysten & IRunning with the Rifle

Magnum Sponsorship: I want to truly thank my sponsors Magnum Nutraceuticals for everything they did for me this year. I was asked to attend both the Arnold & the Olympia with the team which was a huge blessing and for a short stint from May – November I used my OCD skills as their athlete liaison organizing demos & product orders for all our athletes. We disbanded the position at the end of the year as it was no longer needed but it was a great year with them. I still remain a sponsored athlete with the company so you’ll have to look out for my 2013 blogs and videos on hardmagnum.com!

Robyn & Bert - Arnold 2012 Robyn & Holly - Olympia 2012

Became an Author: I had set a goal to write an eBook in 2012. Over the month of November I was spurred into action and completed the 16 page book about how to “Live Like An Alpha Female”. You can purchase your copy on my website here for only 99 cents!

Live Like An Alpha Female













Despite the hard lessons learned this year. 2012 was good to me. So as much as I’m looking forward to 2013. I don’t let bad moments get me down and choose to focus on the amazing things I’ve been able to accomplish.

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