2011 In Review

Before I set about writing and documenting my 2012 goals to keep me accountable I want to give myself a final report card on 2012. I want to do this to pat myself on the back for what I’ve accomplished in a year, know what I still need to work on and revisit any goals that are no longer important to me or still need to make it onto my 2012 worksheet.

So based on my 11 Goals for 2011

1. Career Based Goal: Be Less Blunt – I really struggled with this one. I thought I had found a happy medium of being short and efficient at work but I am still coming across too strong. For 2012 I was recommended by a friend to read the following books to help me. 33 Strategies of War, 48 Laws of Power and Art of Seduction all by Robert Greene. If you’ve read any of them let me know your thoughts!

2. Health & Fitness Goal: Develop a 6 pack and a Glute Shelf. I failed at the 6 pack but definitely developed the glutes. They are considerably bigger than when I started. I’ve gone up 2 jean sizes in just 6 months which made me happy. Now I have to be diligent with my diet and tone it right up!

3. Health & Fitness Goal: Keep Yoga in my life once a week and try Muay Thai and Cross Fit. I was able to accomplish my yoga goal and try out Muay Thai. I however am still scared to try Cross Fit. I’ll have to conquer that one quickly in 2012. No Excuses.

4. Fitness Modeling Goal: Get Published in 2 Magazines. I was blessed to be published in Inside Fitness Magazine, Fit & Firm as well as Best Health this year. I even got my first cover unexpectedly from a shoot I did at FMI in 2010 with Harvey Elkins for Power Systems.

Inside Fitness April/May 2011 Issue
Fit & Firm April 2011 Issue
Fit & Firm June 2011 Issue
Best Health December 2011 Issue
5. Fitness Talent Goal: Grow The Number of Subscribers to Mid Month Motivation. I really should have written down the number we started with at the beginning of the year. As of today we have 103 subscribers and over 7, 926 video views. I’ll have to just work off of those numbers. We have consistent views each month so I’ll have to come up with a better way of getting feedback from our viewers and non viewers about the videos. 
6. Fitness Competition Goal: All I wanted was to place top 10 in 1 competition in 2011. I competed twice. Once in April at the WBFF Quebec show and placed 3rd in Bikini Tall and then in August at the WBFF World’s which was a much bigger show and placed 9th in Bikini Tall. I cracked the top 10 in both shows so I couldn’t be more happier. I however didn’t shoot high enough because I was scared. In 2012 I plan on dreaming!
WBFF Quebec Left / WBFF Worlds Right
7. Personal Trainer Goal: I wanted to finish my PTS certification with Can Fit Pro, get CPR certified and start teaching HourGlass workouts. Unfortunately the HourGlass certification process did not launch in 2011 so I’m waiting patiently to be able to kick some butts hopefully in 2012!
8. Writing Goal: In January, 2011 I announced that I was going to be the Fitness Editor for The Broken Heel Diaries. It’s been a great year writing articles for them and I’ve been able to grow my writing skills and continue to help others with their health & fitness goals with my knowledge.
9. Travel Goal: I had some lofty travel plans in 2011 but on January 15th, 2011 I was shocked, awed and amazed to get engaged to the love of my life. So travel plans have gone on hold as wedding expenses became our main focus. Can I still elope?
10. Spritual Goal: I wanted to reconnect with God and talk to him each day by starting my day with prayer and a devotional. I did pretty well at the beginning of the year by adding 10 mins to my alarm clock. That extra 10 mins then turned into slacking in the morning by watching a PVRed TV show instead of sitting in silence and praying. I need to kick my butt on this in 2012.
11. Financial Goal: I wanted to be credit card debt free in 6 months. I paid off 2 cards in this time period before the wedding expenses/downpayments/financing started. Yay ME!
So out of 11 Goals I achieved 7 out of 11. I gave myself 0.5 for some of them 🙂
Tomorrow I finish my 2012 SpreadSheet! Yay for Goal Setting!
What are some of your goals? Share them below… I’d love to know!

2 thoughts on “2011 In Review

  1. My goal, ok here go’s, I stopped drinking and smoking and it will be 4 months on jan 2nd 2012.. I haven’t folded once over xmas, I used to smoke for 27 years and i been a heavy drinker and party goer. I Gained that much wait Armani and locost don’t do Obese size, as i hit 20 stone and 8lb. Im 40 in April and i aim to be a lot healthier in my self for the big 40, Iv had to change my whole life due to being diagnosed with a genetic blood disorder, So iv had to drop friends and move out of the circle of people that lead me astray. Tomoz the 1st of jan 2012 will be my first day of exercise and im dreading it.. lol..

  2. Hey! I’m so proud that you’ve quite smoking and heavy drinking! Here’s to exercise in 2012. Make it fun and you’ll learn to embrace it. I will help keep you accountable! The least I can do for you and your support in the Status Fitness contest 🙂

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