15 Things I’m Thankful for in 2015

Standard Canadian Thanksgiving Post COMING RIGHT UP! If you read to the bottom I will give you a gold star 🙂

Here are 15 Things I’m Thankful / Grateful for in my life in 2015 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving

  1. A family that teaches me how to be a better person while fully supporting me in everything I do.
  2. A romantic relationship that has developed over the course of a year into something that is healthy, nice (and nice is so good), adventurous, supportive and a true partnership.
  3. A body that has tackled 19 races so far and will tackle number 20 next weekend at the OCR World Championships in Ohio.
  4. The curiosity and knowledge to educate myself to treat my MS holistically and allow my body to optimize it’s immune system so I can live symptom free.
  5. A yearning for adventure that allows me to dream up and complete amazing seasonal bucket lists.
  6. My readers – YEAH YOU GUYS – who find me interesting enough to read my musings over and over again. I’M THANKFUL FOR YOU.
  7. Podcasts & Audiobooks so I can continue to educate myself while commuting to and from work.
  8. My job at Kobo that allows me to be in a corporate job but feel so fulfilled as a booklover.
  9. iPhone 6 for it’s ability to capture amazing memories in the form of photographs.
  10. App technology that allows me to be better at time management and productivity so I can lead a healthier work/life harmony
  11. Beautiful friends who always take time to support me, challenge me, catch up with me and have fun with me.
  12. Magnum Nutraceuticals, Mizuno Canada & 23 Degree Roastery who as sponsors believe in a partnership with me!
  13. My nerdy bookworm ways that let me dive into books with eagerness
  14. Time with my 96 grandmother and soaking up every single minute of life with her Grandma Baldwin
  15. Growing into a human being who is falling more and more in love with the person I am today and who I’ve become through all my life lessons in these 33 years of life.

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