My Happiness Project: 12 Commandments

This is My Happiness Project. Yesterday I blogged about realigning my priorities and then I wrote out my 12 commandments.

If you haven’t read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin then first go out and get it and read it as fast as you can.

Here is a blog post on her site about how to set them for yourself. I used some of hers and examples posted to create my own.

Without further ado….

1. Be Robyn

2. Stop Overanalyzing & Being Insecure

3. Love Unconditionally

4. Smile At Strangers

5. Be Positive & Polite

6. Always Remember I’m Responsible For How I Feel

7. Why Do It Tomorrow When You Can Do It Today?

8. Step Out Of My Comfort Zones

9. Be Present

10. Be The Fun

11. Don’t Keep Score

12. Be Specific About My Needs

These will be my core values as I move forward making my resolutions for 2013 🙂


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