11 Goals for 2011

2010 has been an amazing year. I have been blessed with great health, 2 amazing careers in advertising and fitness, a boyfriend who supports me in everything I do and truly loves me unconditionally and a family that will always be there for me. I’ve had some crazy moments where I questioned myself and my goals but always find myself centered and re-directed on the right path.

I saw a post on Facebook by one of the photographers I had the chance to work with at Fitness Model International in LA in October. He put me on to a website of How To Conduct Your Own Annual Review. It comes complete with spreadsheet which the nerd in me loves. You work through categories and smart goals and deadlines and then set up the sheet so you can review throughout the year. I’ve developed quite a list but thought I would share at least 11.

So without any further ado here are 11 Goals for 2011.

Advertising Career:

1. Be less blunt. Whether it is my need to learn how to sugar coat things or be present in each moment and conversation so I can be conscious of my words and tone of voice it is something I’m constantly working on. I am known for being blunt and straight forward. Some find it a strength and others find it something I can improve upon. I believe there is a healthy medium which I will try my best to find in 2011.

Health & Fitness

2. Develop a 6 pack and more of a glute shelf. I have achieved the two lines down my abs and almost saw a 4 pack come in this year. I will strive in 2011 to stick to my nutrition, find out what food intolerances I have and stay away and train my glutes so hard to develop that elusive shelf all small girls want!

3. Ensure yoga is at least a weekly part of my workouts. I also want to be adventurous and try CrossFit and Muay Thai Boxing in the New Year

Fitness Modeling

4. Get published in 2 magazines. I have my sights set on some amazing publications and really want to visually motivate and inspire others.

5. Grow the number of subscribers to the Mid Month Motivation YouTube Channel. I’ve had a blast filming the monthly videos with Eva this year and have gotten amazing feedback from viewers that find the tips helpful, useful and fun. I can’t wait to see where it goes in 2011.

Fitness Competitions

6. Right now I plan on competing in 3-4 competitions next year. April, June & September are the months that I’m planning towards. My 2011 goal is to place top 10 in at least 1 competition.

Personal Trainer – Hourglass Workout

7. Finish my PTS certification, get Hourglass Workout certified and start teaching a bootcamp in 2011. I finished my written theory exam this year for my Personal Trainer qualification which was amazing in itself. Now I’m enrolled in Adult CPR the 2nd week of January and then need to schedule my practical exam before the end of January. If all goes well the HW certification will be in March and I’ll be ready to teach my first bootcamp starting in April or May!


8. Be a part of the success of the Broken Heel Diaries. The re-launch of www.thebrokenheeldiaries.com happens at midnight January 1, 2011 and I’m so excited to be a part of the family. More to come on this announcement.


9. Plan, save and book 1 International Trip with the boy. We really wanted to do Thailand but I think Spain and Portugal are speaking to me for next year. I also want to do 1 North American Trip, whichwill probably be to Miami with my girl Liana Louzon for Fitness Universe weekend fun and planned photoshoots.


10. Speak to God once a day. I grew up in a very religious and spiritual environment at home and in a loving church. I have taken for granted my relationship with God and want to make sure I’m communicating daily. If it means waking up 10 mins early to meditate and pray so be it. But I refuse to let it go by the wayside in 2011.

Financial (Saving)

11. I want to be credit card debt free in 6 months so I’m planning out my budget and going to stick to it.

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