10 Dreams, 10 Years

So this year, I started my goal setting process slightly different than previous years. After completing my life audit and scoring myself on happiness based on 13 life categories, I was listening to the Rise Together podcast by Rachel & Dave Hollis and heard Rachel describing that she likes to write down 10 Dreams for 10 Years. This really resonated with me as I realized I play small by only setting goals for one year. I keep them safe and doable within a 1 year time frame but then don’t allow myself to dream bigger than I currently am.

When I wrote down 10 dreams I’d like to accomplish in 10 years. All in the present tense I got excited again about goal setting. Some of these I can get started on within the next year and others will be a few years out but I’m so excited to write them down, share them with the world and start aligned action towards these beautiful dreams.

10 Years, 10 Dreams

So in no particular order, here are my 10 dreams I’ll accomplish in 10 years.

  1. My I am a public speaker who speaks about living with MS, proactive health and work/life harmony – Core Desired Feelings: LIMITLESS & SEEN
  2. I host retreats for the autoimmune community – Core Desired Feeling: COZY
  3. I created a holistic health/bursary non-profit company that provides financial aid to those with auto-immune disease who need financial assistance treating themselves holistically – Core Desired Feeling: INTENTIONAL GIVING
  4. The Alpha Female Podcast is one of the top Health Podcast on iTunes – Core Desired Feeling: ACCOMPLISHED
  5. We have a mountain home for family and as a retreat centre – Core Desired Feeling: BLISS
  6. We have a beautiful family of 4 and we have adopted a child to complete us as a family of 5 – Core Desired Feeling: FORTUNATE
  7. I have published my 2nd book – Core Desired Feeling: SOUL SATISFIED
  8. I am a Presidential Diamond in dōTERRA. My husband and I have life, time and financial freedom – Core Desired Feeling: LIT UP & EXPANSIVE
  9. My husband and I own space in the country for rescued dogs – Core Desired Feeling: ROOTED
  10. I have at least 1 Million Dollars in Investments for retirement, living and giving – Core Desired Feeling: FORTUNATE

Now time to reverse engineer the crap out of them 😉

How are you going to dream big this year? Outside of year, maybe within 10 years. But give yourself the space to dream bigger, set those big hairy audacious goals and give yourself the grace to achieve in more time than a year presents.

One thought on “10 Dreams, 10 Years

  1. Love these! I run a business and have arthritis, it is so debilitating at times and so many don’t understand auto-immune issues.

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