10 Things for 2010

And in no particular order.. And because I want to write them down to be accountable…

Drum Roll Please….

Robyn’s 10 Things To Do in 2010

1. Gain up to 10lbs of muscle (right now 2 lbs would make me ecstatic)

2. Challenge myself to grow as a person in my relationship w/ my boy

3. Travel to Thailand, Vancouver and Miami

4. Pay down my credit card debts (competing can be expensive)

5. Produce great vlogs (I have one on deck ready to upload but youtube is giving me a headache)

6. Do 10 close grip pushups from my feet instead of the girly way

7. Be able to do a pull up w/ assistance

8. Continue to succeed in my career and never stay complacent (really want to challenge myself to come up w/ creative media solutions)

9. Sew my own bikini (my mom got me a sewing machine for christmas… love the housewife intentions… so we’ll see if I can get crafty)

10. Go home to Ottawa more often to see my family

Please comment and let me know some of your resolutions or goals!

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