10 Lessons Learned In My Last Decade

Dear Robyn,

Welcome to your next-decade tour around the sun. Your thirties were at times the most painful and beautiful experiences you’ve had in your life. You’ve learned so much so let’s recap 10 lessons learned over the past decade.

Let me just remind you of some of the things you’ve learned, gained or lost for good reason in your 30s.

2012: You turned 30, called off your wedding to your ex-fiancé and learned that you were stronger than you thought and learned to leave a relationship that was not healthy.

2013: You turned 31 and learned to love your life again. You became adventurous and created seasonal bucket lists to discover what makes/made you happy or to push your comfort zones.

The Face Sky Diving

2014: You turned 32 and were diagnosed with MS. Your eyes were opened to the many different ways of healing yourself. You learned to take care of yourself differently.

2015: You turned 33, became so strong from OCR racing and would meet your future husband. You learned to end a relationship that wasn’t meant for the long term and would learn what truly being loved was like.

2016: You turned 34, and left your career in Toronto to move in with Mike in Ottawa. You put relationships and life first. You would travel to Banff, Patagonia and Tofino and would enrich your life through travel experiences.

Lake Louise Alberta

2017: You turned 35, and you would continue to put romantic and friend relationships first. You would travel to Banff with Mike and get engaged and to Mallorca (Part 1 & Part 2) with a dear friend for a yoga retreat. You would learn presence, communication and trust.

2018: You turned 36, and married the love of your life. You learned to trust love again.

Robyn & Mike Pineault

2019: You turned 37, and after a year and a half of trying to conceive you would conceive twins! You would learn to trust in your body again.

2020: You turned 38, carried twins and gave birth to beautiful babies during a pandemic. You became a mother and learned a new level of resilience after a traumatic birth experience. You would learn how to be a twin mama and thrive at it.

Pineault Twins

2021: You turned 39, and would lose yourself to discover more of who you are meant to be moving forward in this life. You would learn that you are valuable in your career and no company can make you feel less than.

2022: You turned 40 this year, and you have become comfortable with the uncomfortable thoughts of waking up to the world. You prioritize your family, and your close friends. You are always up-leveling yourself and being so present that nothing can shake your focus on building the next 10 years.



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