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Hi, I’m Robyn Pineault (formerly Baldwin). I’m excited you’re here.

Robyn Pineault

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I sell essential oils to support healthy daily habits, share tips and tricks on The Alpha Female Podcast, offer health coaching for those with an autoimmune disease and published a book on creating a life that you love after heartbreak.


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Book Review: Shine

Book Synopsis of Shine from Amazon It is possible to be a driven entrepreneur and have inner peace? With 10 simple disciplines, this guide will help you make a bigger…

Parc Omega - Sleeping With Wolves

Bucket List: Parc Omega – Sleeping With Wolves

I’m obsessed with making memories and now that I have children I knew it was going to be fun creating memories with them but I love experiencing new things and…

Air Doctor 1000

Breathing Easier: Air Doctor Purifiers

In the quiet corners of my home, I seek refuge from the chaos of the outside world, and the air my family breathes is more than just a necessity, it’s…

Hotel de Glace

Our Hôtel de Glace Experience

We got to add a brand new experience to our winter bucket list this year! My parents-in-law gifted us with a stay in the Hôtel de Glace. The hotel is…

Orion Pro 2.0 300

Why I Use Red Light Therapy

I’ve just recently started using red light and near-infrared light therapy to support my healing journey. I’ve read amazing reasons to use this type of therapy from improved mental acuity,…

2024 Goals & Intentions

2024 Goals & Intentions

Happy New Year. Let’s get into the long-awaited 2024 goals and intentions post. Long awaited for who? I’m pretty sure I write these posts to ensure I’m tracking my own…

2023 Year In Review

2023 Year In Review

Every year before writing down my goals for the year, I decide how I want to feel. The important part of this exercise is deciding how I want to feel…

Family Onesie Photo

24 Days of Activities – Our Activity Advent Calendar

This is our second year doing an activity advent calendar and it’s been so fun to make December magical. It’s not very different from when I created a Christmas bucket list.…

Lost Friendship

Dear Friend

I got an intuitive hit that I needed to write this blog post for my healing. This post is for myself first and foremost as I use writing as therapy.…


Book Review: Good Morning, Good Life

Good Morning, Good Life Book Synopsis Book Synopsis on “Not a morning person? Not a problem! I want you to wake up on your terms and no one else’s.”…

The Essential Goal-Setting Method

Are you ready to learn the essential goal-setting method? I have been goal-setting publicly on this blog since 2011! Can you believe it? I’ve tried so many different goal-setting methods…


Book Review: Indistractable

Indistractable Book Synopsis Synopsis on We are living through a crisis of distraction. Plans get sidetracked, friends are ignored, and work never seems to get done. Why does it…